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Sunday, April 10, 2005


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joe smith


Roger E. Rhoden

According to the information that is displayed. Yellowstone is fixing to erupt. I hope the people of earth are ready for it.

Chaz Lightoller

I kinda doubt they are...but then no one is every truly ready for an event of this magnitude.

Other sources say that eruption is not immanent and that ample warninggs will be given...but I think people would do well to pay attention to any and all Yellowstone-related news.

Lindsy Imel, Portage Indiana

Based on my personal investigations and the work of my colleagues, this supervolcano is set to erupt in the very near future. Look for increased seismic activity around 2008.


I just got notified from the GF that Yellowstone is about to explode, it is dangerously active right now. But that they would take care of me, to trust them. These are the people on the starships, they know what they are talking about. Has Earth people figured out the danger brewing yet?

john laffey

do you have any new info on yellowstone,ive read that usgs has to send all information to the whitehouse for approval on all matters from climate change to volcanos.
Im not saying they are trying to cover anything up,but would they let the public know of any impending disaster cause of the mass panic it would cause.
the usgs said it feels that the whitehouse are effectivley muzzling them from releasing all info.


Yellowstone is getting abit unsettled now to be quite honest as the seismic activity for norris is pretty long :D


more steam vents appearing near old faithful %( lol not good

Lindsy Imel

My prediction of increased seismic activity around 2008 has been thus far semi-true. Due to privacy matters and concerns I may not divulge further information at this time. I will be updating this periodically. Stay tuned my friends.

Tonya  C.Harris

We are trying to understand that it will take a while for the Supervolcano to be ready to have an eruption whne the magma chamber is full of molton rock and the next step is the pressure and that is all up to mother nature when she is ready to erupt or not so we need to stop asking and let the USGS do there thing and they will tell us when will it happen.

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