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It all started when the Satellites revealed Yellowstone as a Super Volcano, then it became known that it was long overdue to blow. Then the US was highly industrialized and the bread basket of the World. Gold was stored in the USA. Now all the Gold has been moved out. Now in the US, there are more people in prison than farmers. Brazil is now the bread basket. Those in power, used the World Bank to decimate the economies of countries around the globe, in areas that may survive the Super-volcano's impact. They used that to leverage the move of all americas industry to those countries as cheaply as possible. Nothing of Value will remain in the US before yellowstone erupts. The invasion of Iraq has one purpose. The countries of Iraq and Afghanistan (after the genocide of all its native people) will be the new America after the old america is destroyed by Yellowstone and resultant loss of the Earth's magnetic field. The US will never leave Iraq. It will be the underground refuge of the US elite. They are wiping out the Iraqis and Afghanis just as the whites did when they killed off the Native americans when they first invaded America from Europe. The economy is being manipulated to insure homelessness of all americans. The detention centers are all located above secret underground Military installations. Those people will feed (cannibalism) the soldiers underground. All of the Earth is connected by an ancient tunnel system. The complete collapse of the economy will occur unexpectedly without warning towards the end of May 2010. There will be a very long winter that does not end, after that the super volcano will erupt, causing a chain reaction of all volcanos and earthquake faults. In one day the entire US will be destroyed. Every breathing animal and all plant life will be gone. The elite are merely trying to capitalize on this disaster before it occurs. They are aware that with it will also come the complete destruction of the Earth's inner molten core. This will stop the Earth's magnetic field completely. The Earth's magnetic field is only as strong as the inner core is hot. Over time it weakens and when it is gone so is the atmosphere of the planet and Earth will heat up. This is a regular cycle. The heating up of the planet which then cools leaving a new inner molten core spinning one way, as the outer shell turns the other way- to give the Earth a new magnetic field. Earth's present Magnetic field is negative, the next one will be positive. Geologists say it has happened 9 times already that they can detect. These are the past Hopi four worlds, the last one destroyed atlantis. Global warming is a smoke screen, so they don't have to reveal the truth. The Elite think that they can hide underground. Russia will be completely destroyed when the magnetic field is gone, Russia will be the new North pole. Israel was formed by Russia and settled by Russian Jews as their New Russia. The USA and Russia both plan to establish a new homeland in the middle East after WWIII kills everyone living there. They will both fail miserably. China and her 4 allies will win WWIII. Because the human body is connected to and depends on the Earth's magnetic field to function, when it is gone so will any sanity or health or oxygen to breath. This is the end of time. Jen Chen

matthew cole

so realy if yellowstone park eruputs the world is ended


Did the invisible dog tell you all this from a hole in your bedroom wall? You really need to get back on your meds...

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